Software Consultant

Hi 👋 I'm Dave Barlow, an experienced product-aware software developer with a passion for helping clients execute technical requirements in a scalable & robust fashion.
Based in Greater Sydney NSW Australia, I've helped remote teams across Australia.


Ruby on Rails Development

Unlock the full potential of your web application projects. Developing with the Ruby on Rails framework enables delivering clean, efficient, and scalable applications tailored to your business needs. Turn your ideas into reality with swift execution and strategic growth.

API Design

Enhance your digital ecosystem with my bespoke API design services, crafted to ensure a seamless and straightforward integration experience. With a focus on reliability and ease of use, I provide robust APIs that promise to fit into your systems with minimal friction, backed by comprehensive documentation and support. Expect a polished, user-friendly interface that empowers your platforms to communicate effortlessly, paving the way for enhanced functionality and a smoother workflow.

Project Rescue

Project veered off course? I offer tailored solutions for those encountering challenges with their current Ruby on Rails applications. Be it accumulated technical debt, scaling issues, or development that has come to a standstill, my aim is to rapidly and efficiently rehabilitate these projects to a state of strength and reliability, ensuring they align with your business objectives and technical standards.

Team Augmentation

Enhance your development team with very experienced talent on a flexible basis. Increase your team to meet specific project needs or fill skill gaps, without the long-term commitments. I focus on seamlessly integrating into your existing team, adapting to your unique culture and workflow, thereby boosting project efficiency and innovation.