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Keep your Customers

Happy Customers

Backflow Testing gives you the amazing potential to build many repeat customers.

It is important to look after these valuable customers and remember when they need your attention.

The Backflow Sherpa makes sure this happens, for example the Sherpa will send you an email every Monday with everything that needs to be done including a PDF attachement of the Customer reminder notices to be sent out.

The Backflow Sherpa is Pro-active, it's comes to you!

Easy Interface

Easy to Use

The Backflow Sherpa has a simple workflow and is dead easy to understand.

The user interface has been designed from the ground up to make backflow management as simple as possible.

Pro Forms

Look Professional

Generate great looking PDF Documents in a snap, using your Company Logo.

  • Professional Test Certificates
  • Reminder Notices which are ready formatted to fit a window face envelope
  • Job Forms to use on-site

Multi User

Access from Anywhere

Because the Backflow Sherpa is Web-Based, Multiple employees can use the system at the same from just about anywhere, including their Mobile Phone.

Everyone's updates are synced straight away, so everyone can see the same data.

on-site testing

On-site Testing

Forget doing paper work on-site and then again back at the office.

The Backflow Sherpa gives you the ability to record tests right there at the valves location!

This will save you mountains of time.